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Premier League full fixtures in Nepal Time & India time

Premier League Nepal time: Keep reading to learn the complete 2022/23 Premier League schedule. Learn the upcoming match times, teams, and more. provides instantaneous coverage of all the latest football and sports news as it happens.

Premier League Fixtures in Nepal time

These are the matches happening for Matchday 15 in Nepal time

FixturesNepal TimeDate
Nottm Forest vs Brentford8:45 pmNovember 5
Wolves vs Brighton8:45 pmNovember 5
Man City vs Fulham8:45 pmNovember 5
Leeds United vs Bournemouth8:45 pmNovember 5
Everton vs Leicester City11:15 pmNovember 5
Chelsea vs Arsenal5:45 pmNovember 6
Aston Villa vs Man Utd7:45 pmNovember 6
Southampton vs Newcastle7:45 pmNovember 6
West ham vs Crystal Palace7:45 pmNovember 6
Tottenham vs Liverpool10:15 pmNovember 6

These are the matches happening for Matchday 16 in Nepal time

FixturesNepal TimeDate
Man City vs Brentford6:15 pmNovember 12
Liverpool vs Southampton8:45 pmNovember 12
Bournemouth vs Everton8:45 pmNovember 12
West ham vs Leicester City8:45 pmNovember 12
Tottenham vs Leeds United8:45 pmNovember 12
Nottm Forest vs Crystal Palace8:45 pmNovember 12
Newcastle vs Chelsea11:15 pmNovember 12
Wolves vs Arsenal1:30 amNovember 13
Brighton vs Aston Villa7:45 pmNovember 13
Fulham vs Man Utd10:15 pmNovember 13

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